How Small Companies Can Compete with Larger Ones: Insights from Amtech’s CEO, Jay Patel

Amtech was founded more than two decades ago as a family business located just outside of Detroit, MI.  Our goal at the time was to create a sustainable business designed to help small, local manufacturers assembly circuit boards domestically at a scale and cost that made sense.  Since then, we’ve grown tremendously, providing the same level of support to much larger companies across the United States who provide a much larger array of EMS products.  How did we do it?  We’ve honed strategies that allow us to compete with much larger manufacturing operations, ensuring we not only compete but thrive. 

Here’s how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) like Amtech can tackle common objections:

Highlight Unique Strengths and Capabilities

Objection: How can a smaller company provide the same level of specialization and flexibility as larger firms? 

Response: Amtech’s agility allows us to be more customer-focused. We adapt quickly to specific needs, provide tailored solutions, and offer direct access to top management for swift decision-making. Our specialization in niche services and flexible approach ensure efficient and precise service delivery.

Build Strong Partnerships and Alliances

Objection: Can a small company really have strong partnerships and reliable suppliers? 

Response: Yes, Amtech strategically partners with key industry players to enhance our offerings. Our robust supplier relationships ensure consistent quality and reliability, proven through successful client collaborations.

Showcase Proven Track Record

Objection: Do you have enough experience to handle large-scale projects? 

Response: Amtech’s solid track record of successful projects is backed by case studies and client testimonials. Industry certifications further validate our commitment to quality and capability.

Demonstrate Financial Stability and Growth Potential

Objection: Is your company financially stable enough to handle large contracts? 

Response: Amtech maintains strong financial health, reflected in our financial statements and growth trajectory. Our significant investments in technology and infrastructure support scalable operations, assuring clients of our capacity to manage large contracts effectively.

Emphasize Customer-Centric Approach

Objection: Can you provide the level of service we need compared to larger companies? 

Response: Amtech’s customer-centric approach ensures personalized service. You will have direct access to our leadership team and dedicated account managers, ensuring your needs are promptly addressed and solutions are tailored specifically for you.

Leverage Marketing and Branding

Objection: How does your branding ensure reliability and competence? 

Response: Amtech’s branding reflects our commitment to excellence and thought leadership in the industry. We regularly share insights through content marketing, showcasing our expertise and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Offer Trials or Pilot Programs

Objection: What guarantees do we have that a trial or pilot program will be successful? 

Response: A pilot program allows you to experience Amtech’s capabilities with minimal risk. We work closely with you during the trial period to ensure it meets your expectations. Our past successes with other clients demonstrate our ability to deliver.

Network and Build Relationships

Objection: How can networking help if you are a smaller player? 

Response: Networking allows Amtech to stay connected with industry trends and build relationships with key stakeholders. Our active participation in industry events and referral programs has consistently opened doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Objection: Can you keep up with innovation and industry trends? 

Response: Amtech’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation is evident through our investments in R&D. We actively seek customer feedback to enhance our offerings and stay ahead of industry developments, ensuring we provide cutting-edge solutions.

In conclusion, these are just some of the ways we’ve been able to overcome objectives and compete against companies who are much larger than we are.  Once engaged, clients love the attention to detail, agility and constant curiosity that inspires us to improve on their behalf.  

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