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Software-Powered PCBA Prototyping for Next-Generation Product Innovation. Amtech Delivers Leading PCB Assembly Manufacturing House.

Who We Serve

Engineering Leaders

At Amtech, we provide our customers with solutions to complex problems that go far beyond that of a typical PCB Assembly Manufacturer. Our team of designers and engineers works with you to increase production efficiencies, decrease turnaround times, and identify the optimal equipment to deliver on your vision.  We pride ourselves on manufacturing design, and know this makes us different from other manufacturers you may encounter.

Supply Chain Leaders

Supply chain management is a critical part of what Amtech does for our customers. We know how hard it is to get the right materials when you need them, so we’ve build relationships with suppliers around the globe and maintain our own inventory to ensure there are no delays for our customers. As a supply chain leader, you can trust Amtech to manage that part of the process so that you don’t lose sleep worrying about it.

Procurement Leaders

If you can dream it, we can probably build it. Amtech works with many customers across many industries bringing new products to life and extending end-of-life for products you already have created. We think alongside you, designing with manufacturing in mind along the way. Visionaries and entrepreneurs love working with Amtech because that’s what we are too. We understand there is no single way to do things, and thrive in situations where creativity is a priority.

You Ask. We Answer.

One of our strengths at Amtech is our ability to help customers reverse engineer their products to deal with any supply chain issues that may arise. Our team of designers, programmers and engineers excels at exploring a range of options to not only find alternative solutions to hard-to-find parts, but also less-expensive parts that can save you money or increase production efficiency.

Yes we do.  Amtech is built to scale. Our entire production process was created with agility in mind. Not only can we adjust our current facility to serve the needs of our customers, but we can also quickly and easily expand to support increased quantity without sacrificing quality or efficiency. This is a reason why our customers tend to stay with us for years (and in some cases decades) as we grow together.

Our proprietary operating system AmtechOS was designed to ensure quality control from design to finished manufacturing. We employ both physical and automated optical inspections as part of our QC process in order to make sure we capture both what the naked eye can and cannot see.  We include internal testing so that jobs are never held up waiting for outside QC, and test on an ongoing basis throughout the process so that if an issue does arise very little time is wasted before putting a solution in place.

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