Amtech Appoints Brett Petrill as Director of Operations

TROY, MI ― June 2024 ― Amtech Electrocircuits, a leading provider of manufacturing solutions, is excited to announce the appointment of Brett Petrill as Director of Operations. Petrill brings extensive experience and a proven track record of leadership and cultural improvement to the Amtech team.

Petrill joins Amtech with eight years of manufacturing leadership experience in operations, HR and accounting roles. He is a leadership, culture and continuous improvement enthusiast, dedicated to helping organizations and individuals reach their full potential. Petrill’s appointment comes at a pivotal time as Amtech continues to grow and enhance its operational capabilities. 

“I was first introduced to Amtech’s CEO, Jay Patel, through a mutual EOS connection that Amtech utilizes for leadership assistance. An EOS-run organization was exactly what I was looking for, given my previous success running the system as an Integrator,” said Brett Petrill. “During my conversations with Jay and Amtech’s Integrator, Dev Patel, I quickly realized that the leadership team was aligned on the need for someone with my background in EOS and operational improvement. This was the challenge I was looking for, and I am thrilled to join the Amtech team.”

Petrill has already made significant strides at Amtech, focusing on people, processes and product optimization. His efforts have led to immediate improvements in culture and overall performance. Some of his early achievements include:

  • Production Planning and Forecasting: Implemented new strategies to clean up backlog and eliminate issues with late deliveries, leading to higher execution levels.
  • Team Building: Addressed “right people, right seats” issues, building a team that aligns with Amtech’s core values.
  • Enhanced Communication: Improved internal and external customer relationships by enhancing communication skills, establishing trust, and promoting transparency.
  • Process Conformity and Quality Improvement: Focused on process conformity issues, resulting in enhanced production performance and quality.

“We are confident that Brett’s extensive experience and leadership will help drive Amtech to new heights. His focus on creating a culture of accountability, operational efficiency, and quality improvement aligns perfectly with our goals,” said Jay Patel, CEO of Amtech. “We are excited about the future and the positive impact Brett will have on our organization.”

Looking ahead, Petrill has a clear vision for the future of Amtech. He aims to build a strong foundation for the company to become an industry leader known for its quality products and exceptional customer experience. He also envisions Amtech being nationally recognized for its outstanding culture.

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