Amtech Continues to Attract New Customers with Proven Vapor Phase Technology

Amtech Electrocircuits, a leading provider of manufacturing solutions, is proud to announce the ongoing success of its robust vapor phase technology. With more than a decade of proven success, the company’s vapor phase technology continues to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of modern electronics manufacturing, consistently attracting new customers.

Amtech utilizes state-of-the-art vapor phase technology to deliver precise and consistent thermal profiles, ensuring optimal soldering results for a wide range of electronic components. Unlike traditional reflow soldering methods, vapor phase technology offers distinct advantages, including uniform heating, minimal oxidation, and the ability to solder complex assemblies with ease.

“Our vapor phase technology expands our process window, allowing us to confidently handle any product configuration and ensure we get it right the first time,” said Jay Patel, CEO, Amtech Electrocircuits. “This capability, while reducing scrap as a byproduct, enables us to accelerate new product introductions (NPI) and ensure long-term quality, ultimately leading to a superior customer experience.”

Amtech’s Vapor Phase technology is designed to accommodate various PCB sizes and configurations, and is ideally suited for high mix, high reliability, and high tech production environments. It ensures uniform heating across the entire assembly, eliminating cold spots and ensuring consistent solder joints. This uniformity is critical for high-density and complex PCBs, where even slight temperature variations can lead to defects.

Amtech’s vapor phase technology incorporates several features that have been refined over the years to enhance its capabilities, including precision temperature control, enhanced heat transfer efficiency, uniform heating distribution and more. 
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