Why Amtech excels at high mix/low volume production

When PCB manufacturers talk about “high mix/low volume production,” they are referring to a type of manufacturing process where a lot of manual labor and inspection is required to produce a small number of high-quality PCBs. This is in contrast to “low mix/high volume production,” where a highly automated process is used to produce a large number of PCBs with minimal human intervention.

In high mix/low volume production, the emphasis is on quality over quantity. This means that each PCB is carefully inspected and tested to ensure that it meets the required specifications. The manufacturing process may involve a lot of manual labor, such as hand-soldering components, and may require a high degree of skill and attention to detail.

The term “high mix” refers to the number of different SKUs being produced in the manufacturing process, while “low volume” refers to the relatively small number of PCBs units per SKU. This type of production is typically used for specialty or custom PCBs that require a high degree of precision and quality control.

Overall, high mix/low volume production can be more expensive and time-consuming than low mix/high volume production, but it is often necessary for producing high-quality, complex PCBs that meet specific requirements.

At Amtech, our proprietary AmtechOS was created specifically to manage these types of projects.  From the way we itemize and procure parts to the flexibility of our manufacturing line to the combination of manual and automated inspection that ensures quality, we’ve built our entire production process around the idea of high mix/low volume for domestic manufacturing. It’s a real advantage for our customers, who often come to us for specialty products in medical devices, automotive aftermarket and especially prototypes of big ideas for entrepreneurs. Because no matter the size of the job, perfection has to be the number one priority.

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