Learn how Amtech helped Universal Flow Monitors scale their business through innovation, expanding a short-term fix into a 20-year partnership.


Universal Flow Monitors, was incorporated in 1963. This family-owned business started out making variable area flow switches for the automotive market, and quickly expanded their business to include flow indication and flow transmitters to the basic design platform.

Now the company manufactures flowmeters and controls for fluids used in high production. The products are characterized by a simple and robust design backed up by high customer service and dedication to quality.

When their existing manufacturing partner went out of business, they sought out a new partner who shared their values and could help them continue to grow. Amtech was the perfect choice.


As another family-owned business, Amtech saw the world the same way that UFM did. And proceeded to demonstrate just how their own commitment to customer service overlapped the approach taken by UFM. What started with basic PCB assembly grew into an end-to-end manufacturing relationship. The more time the two companies spent working together, the more that Amtech was able to recommend re-engineering solutions to UFM.

By incorporating these recommendations into product design, the overall manufacturing cost decreased and UFM´s could put more into R&D without sacrificing quality or profits. Amtech’s proprietary OS and agile production line were able to seamlessly support all of UFMs needs, and the two companies have been able to scale together to meet the needs of UFM’s customers down the line.

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