How Electronic Manufacturing Innovation Helps Entrepreneurs Stay on The Cutting Edge

From IoT to artificial intelligence, innovation in electronics manufacturing is critical to company success.

Technology innovation is the name of the game in our increasingly digital world. In order to maintain a competitive advantage in the current ecosystem, it is essential for companies and entrepreneurs to innovate, adopt, and implement cutting-edge technologies.

Amtech CEO, Jay Patel, explains that, “Innovation allows the inner spark of creativity to emerge—and there are ample new opportunities for creativity in the business of technology innovation.”

We see huge technological advancements in healthcare, smart home appliances and devices, and artificial intelligence in vehicles. Staying on the leading edge of these emerging technologies can open up new opportunities for success and meeting customer needs.

It’s not enough to have an idea—to truly be successful in a competitive digital market, companies must be quick to put their innovative ideas into action. Finding the right electronic manufacturing partner enables companies to swiftly and successfully take new products to market and maintain their competitive edge.

As a leader in manufacturing innovation and manufacturing technology, Amtech has developed an agile, strategic process that allows us to react on a dime to customer and industry requirements and trends. We are capable of taking an idea from prototype to production, with quality and innovation leading the helm.


Consumers demand cutting-edge technologies that make their lives easier—quicker and better access to healthcare, smart home appliances and devices controlled by apps, and artificial intelligence that enhances their experience as consumers.

Just as companies are finding innovative ways to deliver on their customers’ needs, Amtech continues to innovate and improve our manufacturing technology and process to meet the needs of our customers.


At Amtech, our business model is designed to keep costs low by being agile in the decision making process. We have created our own unique operating system called Amtech OS that allows us to develop and make changes with agility. If we need to make an adjustment to the process in Amtech OS, we can do so on the fly.

We have built MES and ERP into the Amtech OS system, so it is truly customizable to fit our customers’ needs.

We have also built our system to be compliant with ISO 9001, AS9100 (Aerospace), ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive), and ISO 13485 (Medical), so our customers can have peace of mind that their cutting-edge product meets the standards and requirements of their industry.


Amtech uses innovative technology to automate assembly as much as possible—ensuring the optimal process for our customers at every stage, and results that are replicated accurately each and every time. Our leading edge software eliminates variability and makes sure products are delivered as expected.


In the midst of a global semiconductor shortage, Amtech can develop, certify, and manage a supply chain for our customers’ innovative products. As a leader in custom electronic manufacturing innovation, we’ve taken programs that were D.O.A and helped them successfully back into production using our agile business model.

Our supply chain service is automated, API-based coding and purchasing that makes sure risks are identified with time to mitigate. We spend less time managing and more time executing. When necessary, we have the experience and ability to re-engineer the product based on the parts that are available. We strive for a partnership with our customers, not just a transaction.


If years of dealing with a global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the need for companies to innovate is not only critical, but constant. Amtech understands this, and as entrepreneurs ourselves, we also live it.

As important as cutting-edge products that meet customer needs are, so is enhancing the entire product life cycle. At Amtech, we don’t just strive to help our customers create the next technological innovation—we strive for sustainability through the automation and repeatability of creating and sourcing parts, custom hardware, 3D printed models, and more. We also strive to minimize supply chain disruptions.

Our Amtech OS agile innovation system helps us keep up with trends, keep part and product cost down, and improve speed and quality during the manufacturing process so that our customers can bring their new technologies to market faster while growing their market share.

Manufacturing companies have a massive task in delivering quality and ensuring satisfaction by focusing on high tech innovation and working in close partnership with their customers. As a multi-generational company who has a long track record of delivering innovative solutions to electronic manufacturing challenges, Amtech is uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs and other businesses manufacture and bring cutting edge products that enhance daily life to market.

Amtech will come alongside you to build a trusted partnership—where we handle your advanced manufacturing challenges so you can focus on what you do best: innovating new technologies and meeting your customers’ needs.

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