Amtech is Customer Focused By Design

Being customer focused means we deliver the right results every time for our clients.

Being successful in business is all about the details.  Those details are both within our own businesses (as an electronics manufacturer) and within those of our clients, customers and partners.  Our goal is that every deliverable we build is consistent each and every time.  That requires a pinpoint focus on our process. 

Sometimes that focus on “what we deliver” means we forget to focus on our customers’ business at the higher level. Are we delivering what our customers need when they need it? How do we get more efficient at building so they can be more profitable when selling?  Where can we provide insights on how to improve or modify the product engineering to offset any shortage of parts or supply chain disruptions?  That’s what we mean when we say we are a “Customer Focused” operation.

The electronics manufacturing process itself is not physically hard.  Being successful just means you’re keeping track of all the details.  When we first started, we found ourselves literally buried by details.  Managing AMLs, special requirements, testing, training, quality, etc.  All of it takes a lot of effort to track and to manage.  

We knew we needed to create a smarter way to manage the details and automate our process, so we can keep a broader focus on our customers’ needs and help grow their businesses.  Because we know that the more successful our customers are, the more successful we are. (Learn more about Ubuntu).

We made a conscious effort as Amtech grew to deliver a “Customer Focused” approach.  We’ve built an iterative process that puts our customers at the center, creating a culture of providing solutions to solve their business challenges.  We introduced automated manufacturing to our process and built our own dedicated solutions to manage detail. This approach keeps our customers top-of-mind, while challenging our own team to bring creative ideas to the fore-front.  It’s also a lot of fun!

So what does Customer Focused at Amtech mean?  Here are a few examples:

  1. Better communication:  We speak with our customers on a weekly, daily and even hourly basis, using the right channel based on their wants and needs.  Email, texting, chats, phone calls, and automated dashboards are all used in order to make sure there’s a two-way conversation consistently happening with each of our customers.
  2. Proactive issue resolution: We implemented EOS at Amtech, and use Traction to make sure issues never sit and are always resolved to the benefit of all of our customers. Our leadership team is disciplined to work closely with each of our functional teams to solve issues and apply them to help all of our customers, learning from one to assist another.
  3. Design For Manufacturing (DFM):  We’re always trying to help our customers improve quality while reducing cost. So as part of our process we review every aspect of the build, making suggestions along the way with that in mind.
  4. Technology Roadmap Planning:  We work with our customers to understand the “why” behind their projects so we can help them build a better mousetrap moving forward.  By being exposed to so many diverse customers and products we can share where the industry is going, so they don’t get “out-innovated”
  5. Line-Down Mitigation:  We evaluate at risk parts and create plans to mitigate risks.  That also means re-engineering products to align with available parts, and staying one step ahead of any supply chain disruptions.
  6. Manufacturing Technologies:  Technology isn’t always about being the latest & greatest. Sometimes it’s about having the right tool to solve the right problem.  And if it doesn’t exist, we’ll build our own!
  7. End-Of-Life (EOL)/Obsolescence management & extension: As technology evolves, nearly every product needs a V2, V2.1, V2.2 and eventually a V3. So we work with customers to help them not only keep current products relevant as long as possible, but also to think forward in order to make certain that as products come to a natural end-of-life we’re ready to replace them without any gaps in production.

Combined, this customer focused approach means that we deliver consistent results every single time.  And it’s why our customers come back to us for project after project. If you’re ready to look for a new domestic manufacturing solution, please contact us and learn what makes Amtech different.

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