was recently listening to a blog from NPR’s How I built this on Sara Blakely of Spanx, and I had a realization from listening. Sara had mentioned that when she started to grow, some men at a bar started telling her “business is war”. Sara said she had no interest in going to war, and she proved it by starting a very successful business.

It seems like the business landscape has shifted, and people not having to fit a mold of being shrewd and ready for war. With the advent of social media and being able to reach out to customers directly we more likely to reach people who are more like-minded as us.

Another example is Gary Vaynerchuck who speaks on The leverage in being a good person.

With the changing landscape, I am excited for the new year. Reflecting on years past, it is very exciting to want to work on a quality that I feel will be beneficial for myself and our Amtech team.

The goal is to bring about more kindness in 2020.

This is, of course, a new decade, and in this past decade, the world has changed, in many ways good, in many ways bad. But the change in the landscape of business is overall a positive one.

We are excited to see the implementation of kindness in 2020 at Amtech!

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