How Agile Organizations Allow Themselves to Evolve

The agile methodology optimizes rapid change management for manufacturing organizations

Market changes happen fast in many industries. Technology advances quickly and consumer behavior can shift just as fast. While some companies adjust well to these challenges, the need for an agile structure and culture is more pronounced now than ever before.  The electronics manufacturing industry is no different.

Being agile as a company translates into our ability to navigate changes in our environment and respond to them quickly. In an increasingly insecure and volatile environment with supply chain disruptions and employee shortages, agility shouldn’t be reserved only for tech companies or innovative start-ups. Any company can consider implementing an agile transformation, so let’s look at the benefits. 

What Is an Agile Organization?

Agility is characteristic of innovative companies that are willing to test new ideas early on, without the typical hesitations of a more traditional organization. By focusing on high-performing teams that communicate efficiently and transparently, agile companies shorten the time it takes for a new idea to be implemented and concentrate on the value they can add to the consumer journey. 

Agile organization culture is characterized by the following qualities:

  • All strategies and operations point towards the same goals and purpose, the vision of the company as a whole.
  • Each team in the organization is aware of the overall intention of other teams, and they collaborate through transparent communication and shared knowledge.
  • Rapid decision-making and quick learning, aiming to support changes that can happen both internally and externally. 
  • Encouraging innovation: new ideas are explored and welcomed from any level of the organization, and implementation is supported throughout the operational cycle.
  • Accepting the will of passionate employees to migrate within the company, and being flexible about roles and management.

An agile company reinvents management and where to invest efforts to bring value to both customers and employees. This requires moving away from traditional paradigms like closed, uncoordinated silo approaches. 

How Does the Agile Framework Bring Business Success?

Using the agile principles can be a successful recipe for businesses in all industries, as business partners expect quicker reactions to their needs. There are countless advantages this type of organizational culture brings, starting with increased retention of employees and customers. 

Valuable workers thrive in an agile business environment and will return this investment through new ideas, a quicker evolution, and bigger goals. Having a common value standard and set goals should be adopted by companies everywhere after we all accept that traditional models no longer perform as well in the current environment.

The Agile methodology supports increased communication, breaks down silos, and increases consistency in systems and processes. When fully implemented into a company, it encourages proactive solutions to emerging issues. 

Companies that have gone through agile transformations change their entire business paradigm. When done right, this model is factually more efficient than what was done before.

Why Being Agile Matters For Manufacturing

At Amtech, using an agile approach to our electronics manufacturing business gives us the ability to rapidly iterate when faced with production challenges. Our customers need fast, easy and affordable ways to bring their products to market. With agile manufacturing processes, we are better equipped to meet our customers’ needs. 

As a manufacturing partner, we hold ourselves accountable to deliver on our promises we make with our  customers for quality products and on-time delivery of orders. Our Proven Process is built on dynamic workflows and sound business process management so we can be flexible and react when the situation calls for it. 

We have all faced situations where a business partner was not able to meet their delivery deadlines, causing costly delays and damaged relationships all around. Manufacturers that use old, siloed business practices can’t respond to the daily challenges that happen in their business, causing late orders, broken promises and lost business. The agile framework gives some manufacturing companies an edge over their competition because of the ability to quickly iterate and deliver solutions and products on time. 

As an agile electronics manufacturer, Amtech is able to solve production challenges as they occur, building trust and confidence with our customers and suppliers. Our proactive approach has transformed our business and changed the trajectory of some of the companies we do business with.

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